I was born in Madrid. I have a degree in Interior Architecture from the University Politécnica of Madrid.

My academic experience in Canada, Switzerland and the United States has significantly contributed to my passion for design, attention to detail, distribution of space, and creativity.

I founded my studio in 2011 in the dining room of my house. After several years and endless hours dedicated to a wide range of projects, my personal aspiration has finally transformed into a creative space with a small garden on Paseo de La Habana.

A studio in which, together with a team of 8 people, we make the unimaginable happen. I embrace every new project with enthusiasm, value the artisans’ work, andthe quality of the materials and their versatility.

I stay true to my personal instinct by applying it to each of my projects: powerful and vibrant colors, resounding forms, and a mixture of contemporary works and antiques, altogether contribute to create unique spaces with character.

PHOTOGRAPHY: © Pierfrancesco Artini